Low Mill is situated in the beautiful Dales village of Bainbridge. We were welcomed into the village on our arrival from London, so have, since moving wanted to give something back to our new community and the area in which we live.

2012: Sponsored 2 collection boxes on the village green for donations to the upkeep of the village green.

2013: Evening fundraiser for the village Millennium Fund. We held a packed wine and canapé event including a demonstration of the waterwheel. Raised over £600.00.


2014: Little Yellow Bikes. To celebrate the Tour de France passing through the village we started making yellow bikes to decorate the village green. We envisaged making 10 – 20 of them – the count is now at 450 and rising! We have also made 5’ high letters spelling Bainbridge TDF 2014 and donated them to the village school to decorate for the race day. Proceeds from the bikes go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and so far we have raised over £5200.00 and the village and the Dales are turned yellow.

2016: Wensleydale Flyer Bus – £6580.00 raised via Just Giving page and other donations to save local bus service.

2015 – 17 Hawes Youth Club. Closed in 2013 due to financial cuts the youth club re opened this year. Bainbridge artist Janet Leyland has allowed us to sell copies of her hand drawn map of Wensleydale. We sell these to guests for £5.00. All money goes to the youth club, this is an on going collection – so far we have raised £331.00.


At Low Mill we support various charities. All are close to our hearts. We ask guests to donate any (monetary) tips to these charity boxes. Any change found left in the rooms after guests have checked out or around the house is shared between the four. We thank all our guests for their donations. The charities we  support  and why are as follows:

The Blue Cross

We have had various pets over the years and fully appreciate the wonderful work the Blue Cross does for all animals and their owners.  Before moving north I managed a private Veterinary Practice in West London and the support of our local branch of the Blue Cross was invaluable. We donate ½ of the £10.00 cost of every dog staying at Low Mill to the Blue Cross.  At the beginning end of May 2017 current donations are £1005.00.

Alzheimer’s Society

In memory of Neils parents Danny and May. May succumbed to Alzheimer’s at 77 after a 17 year struggle with the disease. Danny died of Vascular Dementia at the age of 82 3 years later having spent 15 years of his life devotedly caring for May. Donation to date (May 2017) £432.00.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Sadly a disease that will affect most people in some way. Macmillan was the charity chosen for donations in memory of my Uncle Douglas who died of the disease aged 69. Donations to date (May 2017) £222.00.

Also an annual donation of one night’s B & B in the Workshop and a 3 course meal for 2 to a silent auction at York Racecourse in aid of Macmillan.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

A vital service for residents of and visitors to the Yorkshire Dales. Donations to date (May 2017) £5 835.00

Red Squirrels.

Sponsoring one months food, in coordination with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, for the red squirrels at Snaizeholme, Hawes on an annual basis since December 2014

Beating Blood Cancers.

A joiner working at Low Mill was diagnosed with lymphoma during the renovations. With his family he established the Leyburn branch which we are happy to support. Thankfully he remains in remission.
Donating a DB&B stay at Low Mill for auction  05 2014

Sponsoring a table at the Beating Blood Cancer ball, Leyburn 05 2015

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

An organisation that looks after the well being of the Yorkshire Dales. We pay for the planting of a native, broad leaf tree in the Dales annually. We also sell badges to guests, so far raising £40.00.





We always shop locally, and never at national supermarkets enabling us to reduce our food miles as much as we can. We buy organic where we can. All our meat comes from Hammonds butchers in the village and is raised on farms near Hawes. Our milk and cream comes from Askrigg 1 mile away. Butter is from the Wensleydale creamery in Hawes. Fish is from Whitby our nearest large fishing port. The majority of our fruit, vegetables and dry goods our purchased in Hawes our nearest town. Vegetables are supplied mainly from Lancashire. A list of all our suppliers is available on our website.

Our muesli and granola  are homemade so we can buy the ingredients in bulk reducing packaging. Our bread is homemade, brown flour is supplied by Crakehall a nearby village and milled in a watermill.

We recycle pretty much everything including even used cooking oil. Food waste is composted and used for the garden.

We use environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

The building

All new appliances are A + rated.

Our aim when refurbishing was to get this drafty old stone building as energy efficient as we possibly could with the restrictions we had.

We were able to fit the top spec double glazing on every single window and insulate the outside walls internally with high spec modern insulation,we also got modern insulation in between the roof rafters and between all the floors from the basement up.

The boiler is an energy efficient condensing boiler.

We are now in the process of slowly changing our low voltage halogens to LEDs and fitting sensor lights to some of the public areas.

We appreciate that there’s always much more to be done but continue to try and improve our sustainability efforts.

Low Mill Guesthouse Green Policy

Aiming to minimise our environmental footprint without impacting on your stay or compromising quality

Minimise water and power use by using energy efficient appliances ,insulation and hi spec double glazing and modern efficient central heating boiler

Ensuring all waste that can be is recycled

Reducing use of non recyclable waste

Maximising the use of local produce and supporting local producers and suppliers

Switching to LED lighting and energy saving bulbs when the old ones need replacing

Switching off lights when not needed

All garden waste ,flowers and suitable kitchen waste composted

Always shop locally using organic and seasonal produce when possible

Buy loose fruit and veg to avoid excess packaging waste

Buy Fairtrade products when possible

Use environmentally friendly cleaning etc products

Provide safe storage for bikes and bike rental info to encourage people to leave their cars

Provide walking cards that start at Low Mill

Provide public transport timetables for guests as required

Use recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources for our literature

Recycle printer cartridgesto 3 peaks charity

Use recycled or sustainable kitchen and toilet paper

Maintain gardens to encourage wildlife to thrive

We now filter our own water and supply it in jugs in the rooms and carafes to the table so reducing plastic waste from bottled water